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April 5, 2017

I’ve sat at operas wondering why the people around me were enduring such a long performance in a language they didn’t speak.
They seemed to be having a genuinely good time. How was that possible? Probably because
they already knew the opera, having listened to it many times before.
They knew the libretto,too, which allowed them to simply enjoy the emotions of the music.

In other words, they’d let the work grow on them.

Sci-fi movie fans, sports fans—they know their stories, teams and histories backwards and forwards, and after a certain point can abandon themselves to the emotions of the moment.

My books are dense. “Hard to understand at first” is how the dictionary puts it. This is my style.
These stories need you to interact with them.
Read them once to get a vague summary, maybe feel a little frustrated, and take a passing glance at the pictures.
Read them twice to understand the story more deeply and feel the emotions. Read them again to let the pictures wash over you.

We live in the age of the acronym, abbreviating our conversations and thoughts into hurried vagueness.

If you can make the time, let my books help you slow down.