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June 5, 2014

According the dictionary, a cliche is a "phrase or opinion that is overused or betrays a lack of original thought." But I'd like to expand the definition to include artificially nonchalant linguistic behavior, as well as all purposeful slouching!

Therefore it's official: our overuse of IRONY has turned it into a CLICHE!

This is a great day!!! I'm so kind-of happy but way too cool to show it!

(Addendum. The author Edward St. Aubyn has one of his characters define irony this way: "that deep-down need to mean two things at once, to be in two places at once, not to be there for the catastrophe of a fixed meaning."
A lovely way to think about irony in our multi-tasked, multi-virtual-experience, limited attention span era. Perhaps the cliche of irony's over-use is simply a coping mechanism.)