Why music matters.
Why music matters.
Why music matters.

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September 6, 2008

Thank you for visiting this site! Please excuse the lack of information, but I am not much of
a blogger. Currently I am working on another graphic novel, which is taking a lot of time
and energy, but I hope to finish it in the coming year.

The main reason for having this site was to feature the goats' song which is printed at the
end of Percy Gloom. I wanted you to hear how those goats sing out there in those imaginary hills, at solstice. This little miniature of counterpoint was something I composed while finishing up the artwork for the book.

Here in the U.S.A. there is not always a lot of respect or funding for music instruction
in our public schools. This is a shame. The study of music was, for me, the primary
way I learned to organize my thinking.
It even taught me about numerical relationships through sound. It reinforced mathematical ideas in ways that I could actually feel, making them less
abstract to me. Participating in a choir taught me to listen to others, to sight read music, and to learn about how so many different voices could blend into one powerful sound. Quite a metaphor, isn't it?!

The study of music--at any age--develops self-discipline, team work skills, logic,
and intuition. It draws together the whole mind. Little by little scientific studies are proving
this. I can only hope, for everyone's sake, that these studies will bolster the cause for keeping music education in the public schools.

Music civilizes us all.

So if you know a young person who might be adrift, please encourage them to study music!